Soccer Tab

Soccer Tab is a mix of traditional football buttons with air hockey.

Speed Down

Go down the platforms that will appear on the screen.


People Traffic Counting System.

Soccer Tab
Soccer Tab is a mix of traditional football buttons with air hockey.
Play with the soccer teams of the major leagues in the world (Germany, Italy, Spain, England and Brazil).

*** Soccer Tab lets you play with the computer or two players(same device or two devices via bluetooth). *** Watch the replay of each goal in the match. *** Follow the score online and see the points of the best players.


Speed Down
In this game you will be the dreaded BigFoot.
Go down the platforms that will appear on the screen. Use your psychic powers to throw at his enemies.
You lose the game if the BigFoot hits his head on top of the screen, dropped or BigFoot touch any enemy.
Press the button to shoot the enemies, Bigfoot can only shoot on the move!
The platforms may contain life, teleportation portals.


InCam is a monitoring application that runs on any android device (mini pc android with camera, smartphone, tablet) through image processing is capable of performing a count of people coming IN and OUT at a certain point.

* Measure Retail Conversion.
* Count the number of people per day visiting your store/house.
* Commercial or residential use.

Why an Android device? Androids device are normally used in mobile phones, tablets and android mini pc, but behind the majority of these devices are so powerful hardware as some servers a few years ago.
The android OS is based on linux the most used operating system in the companies servers. This proposional that the application works stably. Using an android device allows the entire system of monitoring human trafficking work without other components (eg cameras and pc). Processing system images, database, web server and other features work directly on the android environment.

Perform processing without a computer or other device. Application has a web server and database embedded.The application provides a web app that allows the camera stream of the device even when the screen is in the off state. With Web application it is possible to configure and calibrate the camera. See configurable graphs with the flow of people, It is possible to make reports per day, per hour or per minute, see tables with images of tracked people.

InCam to Measure Retail Conversion
Retail conversion measures the proportion of visitors to a retail outlet who make a purchase. If 300 people visit your store in a day, but only 75 buy something, the conversion rate is 25 percent. To measure retail conversion, you must measure numbers of visitors and understand how to interpret the data. You can use the retail conversion rate to assess the affect of other marketing or operational actions, such as changing store layout, employing more staff, increasing stock levels or running promotions. If a store layout change results in an improved conversion rate of 35 percent, the change represents a successful strategy.

(Count the number of people per day visiting your store by installing InCam / Calculate the number of purchases your store) = Retail conversion

How Use InCam
InCam works on any android device with camera and that has at 1 gb of memory, has recommended that the 2gb for better performace.

1. Install the InCam accessing the google play.
2. The system requires that the available android is connected to a wifi network.
3. Initialize the application.
4. Fix the camera of device high on a height between 3m-15m with the camera targets the point that people will be detected.
    a. if InCam is used with a smartphone or tablet. To fix the device I recommend buying GreatShield Lightweight Car Mount Holder
    b. if InCam is used with a Mini Pc Android. It is recommended to use Measy U4C as device.

5. Access from a browser url that is shown on the display when the application is initialized.
6. Click icon to calibrate and follow the instructions.

7. Use the data obtained for calibration to set the fields in the preference screen or to use the default configuration or to use the default setting, but to have a higher accuracy is recommended to use the data obtained from the report of calibration.

8. For best performance it is recommended to disable the option to stream video after installation. Why? Some android devices have limited processing power and the simultaneous use of stream videos with the processing of images may cause loss of precision for traking peoples.

See the Demo of InCam

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